First Aid Training

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Inishowen Fire & Safety provide courses throughout Donegal, Sligo, Galway, Derry/Londonderry, and the rest of Northern Ireland


Through one of our partners we provide a number of First Aid Training courses from half days to 5 day courses. To inquire about one of these courses please fill out the form stating which course you are interested in.

List of Courses

  • Half days courses

    • Cardiac First Responder
    • Heartsaver CPR
    • Heartsaver AED
  • One Day Programmes

    • Basic First Aid
    • Driver First Aid
    • Emergency First aid at Work
    • Child and Infant First Aid
    • Sports First Aid
    • Pediatric First Aid
    • Wilderness First Aid
  • Three days courses

    • Occupational First Aid FETAC Level 5
    • First Aid at Work
  • Five days courses

    • Emergency First Responder Course

On completion of this basic first aid course participants will be able to:

  •     Deal with First Aid emergencies
  •     Understand and demonstrate essential life saving skills


  •     Principles of treatment
  •     Patient approach & examination
  •     Wounds and bleeding
  •     Head injuries
  •     Dressings and bandages
  •     Shock - fainting
  •     Unconsciousness
  •     Recovery position
  •     Asphyxia and its causes
  •     Cardiopulmonary resuscitation practical
  •     Treating foreign bodies, chemical splashes
  •     Burns and scalds
  •     Blood and the circulation System
  •     Fractures, Sprains, strains and dislocations

Method of Delivery

Classroom presentation and discussions are held throughout this basic first aid course. Course handouts, training records, evaluation forms are also provided.

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